Magnolia campbellii ssp mollicomata

Grown from seed by Susan Tindall. From seed to flowering  was 18 years, but well worth the wait. Magnificent with it's large water lily type flowers.


This is a garden of some 20 acres, much of which has been created in the last few years. The older part of the garden, extending to approximately 3 acres has been under continuous development since 1973 when three small fields were acquired and a shelter belt established. The natural divisions still remain and now comprise about an acre of lawn, herbaceous borders and beds, shrubs and rockery, about one and half acres planted as an arboretum, small areas of woodland, and a cottage garden containing many rare and unusual plants.

The new gardens have been under development since 1992; several acres have been planted with predominantly broad-leaved trees and a new arboretum is being established. There is a new herbaceous border and recent plantings of rhododendrons and other shrubs.

The garden is located in the Drumlin Country of Co. Down in an old flax-growing area. Two disused lint holes (in which the flax was retted) have been excavated and are now wild-life ponds, stocked with native fish. In the last few weeks of October 2006, we have had two more interesting visitors to the pond, a pair of otters.  Welcomed with mixed blessing, they do seem to enjoy themselves, splashing around and generally showing off, what with herons, who also come in pairs, how long will the fish stocks last!!

There are extensive walks, for energetic visitors, through both the old and new gardens, through the new woodland and around the ponds. There is also a picnic area adjacent to the car-park and a nursery in which plants can be purchased.

Susan and Colin Tindall